Journals Field Methods, for the best methodological writings on doing field work
Questionnaires The collection of all field-questionnaires for all ISSP (The International Social Survey Programme) studies from all participating countries are available on this site
_____ genealogy Family Tree Maker, popular software to enter, manage and display genealogical data
  Personal Ancestral File, free software to enter and manage genealogical data, has good routines for merging data from different sources
  Progeny, good program so visualize genealogies, mostly used in medicine, quite expensive
_____ networks Egonet (Personal Network Software) is a program for the collection and analysis of egocentric network data

Pajek - Program for Large Network Analysis, perfect tool for drawing networks


UCINET IV, free DOS software for network analysis

_____ text analysis Atlas.ti, good text analysis software, allows export to SPSS
  Nud*ist, software to code and analyze texts
  The Ethnograph, software to code and analyze texts.
  CDC EZ - TEXT, free software for the management and analysis of text data
_____ more ANTHROPAC, DOS software for the analysis of cultural domains

The Household Registration System (HRS) free software from the Population Council to manage data that is collected at the household level (census, demographic data and so forth)

  Text analysis resources - link list
  Links from the American Evaluation Association: Computer programs for the analysis of qualitative data of all kinds including text, audio, and video Software, texts and links
Methods in general Research Methods Knowledge Base by William M. Trochim, Cornell University is a good intro to empirical social research.
Recording and using indigenous knowledge: A manual.
  How to Do Ethnographic Research: A Simplified Guide
  Bibliography of fieldwork, research methods and ethnography in sociocultural anthropology
  The QMethod Page
  Q-METHOD Homepage of the International Society for the Scientific Study of Subjectivity (ISSSS).
Statistic HyperStat Good intro to statistics
Electronic Statistics Textbook



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